Help for Homeowners
If you are behind on your mortgage or if you anticipate not being able to make your mortgage payments, we would like to help you. Family Management Credit Counselors are trained to address your present financial situation and to provide you with expert suggestions and options, such as:

  •     Education on the possible consequences of foreclosure
  •     Forbearance Agreements
  •     Loan Modifications/Extensions
  •     Pre-foreclosure Sale
  •     Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure
  •     Possible home sale

Currently, we are working with the Iowa Mortgage Help Hotline to assist Iowans who are having problems with making their mortgage payments. Our trained and courteous counselors may be able to help you with your finances and budgeting so you are able to meet all your monthly expenses.

If your situation is more serious, we can act as a neutral third party to help you and negotiate with your lender to find an acceptable solution to your situation. Many lenders want to work with the homeowner to help resolve their mortgage issues.

How will a foreclosure affect my credit? How can I prevent a default on my mortgage? Do I need to contact my lender before I get behind in my payments? What is the foreclosure process? Will I have to move out of my home tomorrow? If you are late with your mortgage payment, then you need to talk to someone today! Give Family Management a call and we can answer all your foreclosure questions.