Family Management offers conservatorship services in Iowa, specifically the Cedar Valley and surrounding areas.  A conservatorship is a legal process by which someone is court appointed to make financial decisions for an individual.

There are two types of conservatorships:

  1. Voluntary:  The individual voluntarily agrees to allow someone to handle all of their financial decisions.
  2. Involuntary:  This is primarily used in cases where the individual is incapacitated or disabled and cannot agree to the action.  In this case, a guardian ad litem would be appointed for the individual to determine if the conservatorship is in their best interest.

When Family Management is appointed as conservator, our staff will:

  • Make decisions regarding the client’s property and other financial decisions
  • Protect client’s finances
  • Collect, receive, and receipt income
  • Manage assets
  • Sell personal and real estate property
  • Invest funds
  • Make payments on the client’s behalf
  • Attend any necessary court hearings and file necessary reports

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who needs a conservatorship?

  • Someone who can no longer manage their own financial affairs because of physical or mental issues.
  • Someone who needs protection from financial abuse.
  • Someone whose relatives or friends do not have the resources to help them with their financial responsibilities.

How can a conservatorship help?

  • Family Management will advocate with the clients’s creditors to ensure that debts are paid.
  • Family Management can assist in prearrangement for final expenses.
  • If liquidation or consolidation of assets is necessary, Family Management perform these duties under the conservatorship.
  • Department of Human Services, energy assistance and rent rebates will be completed on behalf of the client and submitted on time.

Additional Information:

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