Social Security Representative Payee Services

Family Management Credit Counselors provides specialized services for persons in need.  We are authorized to receive benefits from:

  •     Social Security
  •     VA
  •     Retirements/Pensions

Many people are unable to handle their own money due to age, mental, or physical disabilities. So let Family Management Credit Counselors help you or a loved one by being a Representative Payee. We will provide financial management for the Social Security beneficiaries who are incapable of managing their own money. Family Management Credit Counselors will receive money on your behalf and must use the money to pay for your current needs which may include:

  •     Housing and utilities
  •     Food
  •     Medical and dental expenses
  •     Personal care items
  •     Clothing
  •     Weekly spending money for you to use as you want

Family Management must keep accurate records of your payments and how they are spent. We also have to report this information to Social Security on a regular basis. You can be assured that the financial needs of the client are met.