Money-Squeezing Ideas

Below, you’ll find simple ideas. Together they add up to nearly $500.00 a month.

1. If you can’t afford your rent or mortgage, you might consider downsizing to something more affordable. You could save hundreds of dollars each month and avoid foreclosure or eviction.

2. Set your washing machine to cold/cold and you could save $10.00 a month on your electric bill.

3. Mail your credit card payments so that they arrive before the due date and save up to $39.00 in late payment fees.

4. Using a cloth instead of paper towels could save you $20.00 a month.

5. If you need a new car, consider leasing instead of buying. You might save more then $100.00 a month.

6. Shop around for the best gas price and fill your tank. You could save $5.00 a month.

7. Check the air pressure in your tires. Proper air pressure means better gas mileage. You could save $10.00 a month.

8. Use public transportation whenever possible. If not, walk or ride your bike, you could even car-pool. You could save $20.00 a month.

9. Clip discount coupons. We throw away more than $20.00 in discount coupons a week. You could save $80.00 a month.

10. Pack your lunch! It’s half the cost of going out for lunch. But, even if you saved only one dollar per lunch, that’s $20.00 a month.

11. Call pharmacies and ask about pricing. Ask if a generic alternative is available. You could save $10.00 a month.

12. Instead of going to a movie, rent a movie and invite friends over. Ask your friends to bring popcorn. Save $30.00 a month.

13. Shop for discount prices, or discount stores. Shop after holidays and buy the deals early. You will save hundreds of dollars a year-or perhaps more than $20.00 a month.

14. Buy the store brand. Color your own hair. Do your own nails. You could save $20.00 a month or more.

15. Stop smoking or cut down and you could save over $100.00 a month.

16. Put a dollar amount on birthday and holiday gifts. Instead of buying your spouse a gift cook them a romantic home cooked meal. You could save over $50.00 each time!